Best Inversion Table Reviews

Best Inversion Table Reviews

Way back in 3000 BC the ancient treatment that was used for back problems was known as inversion therapy. Whenever the spine was pressurized and the individual would be in agony, he would be subjected to inversion therapy in order to relieve the pain. Hippocrates actually had his own way of utilizing the therapy wherein he would use pulleys and ropes for hoisting his patients on the ladder. But nowadays there are no longer pulleys and ropes involved with the best inversion table.

If you have ever heard the saying ‘you get what you paid for’ then this is one time when you should refrain from being skimpy with your funds. Most often, if you purchase the cheapest table that you find in hurry there could be mishaps involved. These cheap tables are not constructed very well and often the construction is of a low quality metal or even plastic. As a result it might so happen that when you are on it the entire structure might come crashing down and you might get hurt.

Shopping for the best inversion table is not likely to strap your wallet as this contraption can actually be purchased for a couple of hundred dollars. Do not waste your time, energy and resources hitting the discount stores because you will not find them being sold at such outlets. In fact, investing in expensive but good equipment is bound to pay off in the long run as it would save you from having to visit the doctor on a regular basis and incur long and exorbitant medical bills.

There has been a significant amount of research done on the best inversion table and whether it actually benefits the user. When properly chosen and used, not only will you enjoy using it but it is said to be as safe as if you were performing an exercise. However, before purchase one you will need to check with your doctor first especially if you have high blood pressure an eye condition, heart disease, or have undergone surgery.

It is customary for the best inversion table to be equipped with a bar that is long and meant for locking the ankles. This actually secures your ankles so that they are not hurt in the process. Any height controls should be easy for you to adjust so that you are comfortable at all times. It should also have a steel frame made out of high carbon, cushioning which is contoured for comfort, a tether strap for safety, and adjustable pivot point handles.

Prior to purchase it is imperative to check how much the actual machine weighs, especially if it is of good quality. Also take some time out to check the company that is offering the best inversion table as it will help to adjudge the quality of products that the company is known for producing. There are many brands in the market but if deliberated upon identification of a good company as also the perfect table is indeed possible.

The best inversion table will not have any pulleys or rope attached to it but will comprise of features which will keep you securely attached to the table. This type of table is meant for offering you relief from back pain while allowing your other body parts to relax unhindered along the way. Apart from an improvement in your blood circulation, you will also observe an improvement in your flexibility not to mention the disappearance of the nagging back pain and an overall feeling of well-being.

Being upside down is something that the user will take a little while to get used to – an analogy can be drawn to monkey bars on which children hang upside down. But it is just a question of the body getting accustomed to the routine and you will actually feel the pain subside. So shop around and see which table will be best for your situation. If you are not sure about the product then take time to ask questions before making the purchase.

Selecting The Best Inversion Table

If you are experiencing back pain, you have probably considered an inversion table as a possible treatment. Having back pain can interrupt the normal activities of daily living for most people, but if you are in this category you may find that an inversion table is the solution for your pain. However, it is essential to know what to look for when you begin shopping for the best inversion table.

The purpose of such equipment is to relax the back muscles and decompress the spine. Inversion tables also provide additional help for those in pain, such as relieving headaches, tension, and enhancing circulation. They are commonly used in physical therapy; however, you may wish to consider investing in your own personal inversion table. Naturally, you must give thought to numerous considerations before purchasing such equipment.

Inversion tables can be motorized or manual. Manual models are controlled by your weight distribution, which causes the table to tilt in one direction or another. However, this does not mean the table is difficult to operate, as this is not the case. However, you may prefer a motorized model which controls the degree of inversion through a electronic mechanism.

If the rooms in your home are not spacious, fold-down tables make a wise choice as they are easier to store than stationary models. You may find this preferable as such equipment placed permanently in a room can be unattractive. However, if you choose a fold-up model it is essential to be aware of its weight in advance, especially if you will be setting it up yourself.

If you are just beginning to use an inversion table, it is wise to select a model featuring an affordable price and invest in a more expensive model at a latter time. However, durability is important as well, and in this respect, steel or aluminum make the best choices. It is also wise to try out any equipment before it is purchased.

Inversion Table Reviews – A Complete Buying Guide

Consumer reviews are a valuable resource when making any purchase, and a inversion table is no exception. Reviews written by real people can offer information that you can’t find anywhere else. People who have actually used a product can tell you honestly what the pros and cons are and help you find the best inversion table for you. However, reading inversion table reviews should not be the starting point of your decision process unless you plan on dedicating a great deal of unnecessary time to your quest. It’s better to spend a few minutes now thinking about what you’re looking for in a inversion table.

Inversion Table Weight Capacity

You should certainly never exceed the listed weight capacity of any inversion table. But the weight capacity for an inversion table can also give you an idea of how well that model is constructed. An inversion table capable of supporting 250 may be safe enough for you to use (depending on your particular weight) but it will never be as solid or sturdy as an inversion table capable of supporting 350 pounds. Looking at the weight capacity is the best way to get a feel for how well constructed an inversion table will be without actually touching the unit. The weight capacity, coupled with reviews, will help you find the best inversion table. This is especially important when shopping online, where it is not possible to physically examine the inversion table before ordering. A sturdier inversion table with a higher weight capacity will cost more, but in the end you do get what you paid for.

Inversion Table Comfort

Comfort really does matter when it comes to finding the best inversion table. You won’t want to use it if it is uncomfortable. The better inversion tables are well padded to make the experience more enjoyable. There are actually new inversion tables that allow you to invert yourself in a seated position, allowing you the most comfortable inversion experience possible.

Inversion Table Degrees of Rotation

Look for an inversion table with varying degrees of rotation. This will allow your body to slowly acclimate itself to the inversion.

Ease of Set Up and Storage

Unless you have a dedicated spot where your new inversion table will remain set up at all times, you will want to look for a model that folds up easily for storage. This is especially important if you are looking for an inversion table to help with back pain; the last thing you want to do is cause more back pain while moving the inversion table around.

Read the Inversion Table Reviews

The inversion tables are categorized to the right by both price and brand. There is an overview of each inversion table listing its weight capacity and features as well as an overall rating and review. Use this information to narrow your search before moving on to the individual inversion table reviews. This was you won’t waste your time reading thousands of reviews for inversion tables that won’t meet your needs.

Knowledge is Power

We know most people looking for an inversion table suffer from chronic back pain. To the left you will find books on overcoming back pain. These are the most popular books on the subject that consistently receive the best ratings and reviews.