BenQ VZ Series VZ2470H Review – 24 Inch Thin Bezel Monitor

BenQ VZ Series VZ2470H Review - 24 Inch Thin Bezel Monitor

Display: 24″, VA Panel, 1920×1080, 4ms Response Time, 60 Hz
Notable Features: 3000:1 static Contrast Ratio
Ports: D-Sub/ HDMI x 2
Price Scale: 4/10
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars


BenQ has been at the forefront of innovation for monitors. Their most famous line of monitors, the XL series was and still is one of the best running series of gaming monitors. However, beyond that, they have also experimented with different technologies. BenQ VZ2470H is one such monitor that is result of an innovation.

While most of the monitor brands out there have been experimenting with IPS panels, BenQ decided to unveil a complete different set of monitors. These were the monitor that featured VA panels. Now don’t get me wrong. VA panels have been out in the market for quite some time. However, they have never been made available to the vast market at an affordable price.

VA panels are technically known for offering the best of both TN and IPS panel. Advancements in technology lead many to develop VA as a panel that would offer good visual quality as well as faster response times. However, according to the general opinion, TN panels are still best for gaming, whereas IPS are good for graphic designing and such work. So where does that leave TN panels? Well, if you are stuck between the choosing IPS or TN panel, then go for the VA panel such as the one in BenQ VZ Series VZ2470H.

So what exactly does this monitor offer? Read this BenQ VZ Series VZ2470H review to find out.


Design and Features

BenQ VZ Series VZ2470H ReviewThe monitor has a very refreshing look. The all white color is excellent for office environments as well as for most home settings. On top of that, the monitor has a supremely thin bezel. I should tell you here that if it is looks that you are after, then you should have a look at some of the monitors in the top 10 list. I wouldn’t consider looks of this monitor to be THE selling point. Although I do believe that it will help you convince.

Plus, the looks of this monitor are something that may not cater to everyone. The stand has its own style, but to some it may be a bit odd. The base of the stand is thick and large. It can serve as a good platform for your accessories though.

On top of that, the stand of the monitor cannot be adjusted. The display itself cannot be adjusted except for slight tilt. The lack of VESA mounts on the monitor means that you cannot install a separate stand either to perform that function.

The real deciding factor for you would be the panel technology. The panel technology used in this monitor is the VA panel. This stands for Vertical Alignment, a technology that came after TN and IPS panel and aimed to bridge the gap between the two. It offered higher than usual static contrast ratio, and also reasonably fast response time.

With a static contrast ratio of 3000:1, this monitor is almost thrice better at showing deeper blacks and brighter whites than the conventional monitors that have 1000:1 ratio. So you may argue now that well, some of the TN and IPS panels have a contrast ratio numbers like 1 million : 1. Let me tell you, that number is of dynamic contrast ratio and it means very little in terms of actual performance. The real performance lies in the native static ratio.

So the visuals on this monitor are exquisite, what about the response time? Like I said earlier, it is in between TN and IPS panel. It is not as slow as an IPS panel and not as fast as the TN panels. This monitor has a response time of 4 ms. Normally, you wouldn’t notice a huge difference and the higher contrast ratio will surely help in outweighing this con.

BenQ VZ Series VZ2470H is a 24 inch monitor with FHD resolution and offers many other technologies like Zero Flicker Technology as well as Low Blue Light mode in help reducing strain on your eyes for prolonged work.


BenQ VZ Series VZ2470H ReviewThe connectivity options on this monitor are fair at best. I wouldn’t call them bad. It offers D-Sub and 2 x HDMI ports. Had this monitor been a tad cheaper, this would have a been a great configuration. However, with this price point, you would at least expect this monitor to have either a display port or a USB hub.


This is not a cheap monitor. Taking all things into consideration and also taking its competition into consideration, this monitor is fairly expensive. That is probably because of the VA technology, but perhaps BenQ is also charging a premium for their thin bezel design.

Consider the ASUS VC239H, this is an IPS monitor that has almost the same response time, has VESA mounts and better connectivity options (variable opinion). Yet, it is much cheaper than BenQ VZ Series VZ2470H.

The Cons

The biggest attraction of this monitor is the VA panel. Unfortunately, it is also quite costly especially when you compare it with its IPS or TN panel counterparts. It doesn’t have much going on in the connectivity department, nor does it have features that will blow you away. The only greatest advantage of this monitor are the visuals.

BenQ VZ Series VZ2470H Review Conclusion

If you have specific requirements for deepest and the best contrast ratio possible, then by all means go for this monitor. This monitor is also very attractive in terms of looks. It has a supremely thin bezel and the deeper blacks of the screen would only compliment the white overall exterior. But, at the same time I would also advice you to have a look at all the other great slim bezel monitors on the homepage.