AR Blue Clean AR390SS Review

The AR Blue Clean AR390SS Pressure Washer is a great tool for removing oil, grease and other tough to remove stains from cars, motorbikes, walls, patios, tiles, concrete, glass, anything that requires intense power and high volumes of water. This machine makes cleaning easy which is exactly the way it was supposed to be. That’s the reason power washers were invented, to make cleaning easier and less tiresome and the AR Blue Clean AR390SS does exactly that.

AR Blue Clean AR390SS Cold Water

There have been some major upgrades since this models ancestors were released. Now there is a detergent tank and gun holster along with an easy roll hose spool, the motor and pump have been upgraded and the cord storage area is now larger. This has become one of the most advanced power washers in its class and one of the quietest to date. The comfortable grip ensures maximum usability and its two wheel base allows for easy transportation to where ever the job is.

Features and Specifications

The main features of the AR390SS Cold Water Pressure Washer are:

  • Functioning Hose Reel that makes it easy to unravel and pack away
  • Onboard storage for all accessories
  • One year warranty
  • 80% water savings compared to your usual garden hose.
  • 30 foot hose length
  • Pressure Washer Manufacturer’s Association Compliant
  • Pro-style Gun, Hose and Lance
  • See full specs and best price at

If you need something that you can use occasionally around the home, that is an incredibly affordable piece of equipment and something that doesn’t need to be used on construction work or industrial sites then the AR390SS Electric Pressure Washer is the right tool for you.

The AR Blue Clean AR390SS Electric Pressure Washer will allow you to put down the old hose pipe and stop wasting tonnes of water trying to get your outdoor spaces clean. You can stop spending hours outside trying to remove old dried in oil marks and grease stains. Now there’s no need for a bucket and sponge either. Washing the car becomes a breeze, removing the old grime from the driveway and even getting rid of the moss that has gathered between your bricks, the AR390SS will allow you to clean anything that you might imagine with simplicity and ease.

The simple and slim design of the AR Blue Clean AR390SS allows you to cart this around with no problem at all and is safety certified to ensure maximum user care.

AR Blue Clean AR390SS Review


  • Exceptional easy use
  • Above average Durability and power
  • Gun holster and larger cord storage
  • Upgraded pump and motor means more power and more efficiency
  • Can stand up to rigorous use
  • Grip ensures maximum comfort and useability
  • Different nozzle attachments allow different settings to be employed easily and effectively
  • On board detergent tank


  • The AR390SS does not stand up to industrial strength use but is perfectly suited to jobs around the home or office.


We rate the AR390SS Pressure Washer 4.6 out of 5. This is one of the best low cost high value pressure washers available on the market and is the perfect use at home device.

Our Overall Rating: 4.6/5

The AR Blue Clean AR390SS Pressure Washer is quite simply a brilliant machine. It does everything that would expect a low cost, high quality, high value pressure washer to do and it does it with excellence. This is the perfect machine for washing around the house, wooden surfaces, concrete, tile, brick, glass, garden furniture, cars, boats, motorcycles and other manmade materials. If you need a pressure washer that will stand up to rigorous use and that won’t let you down that will get the job quickly and easily and leave you with plenty of time left in the day to get other things done, or simply relax because you know you got the job done properly then the Blue Clean AR390SS is for you. We rated it 4.6 out of 5 because it is great value for money and will do everything that an at home use high quality power washer should do.