AOC I2267FW Review | 22 inch Frameless Monitor

AOC I2267FW Review

Display: 22″, IPS Panel, 1920×1080, 5 ms Response Time, 60Hz
Notable Features: Very Cheap, Frameless
Ports: VGA, DVI-D Port
Price Scale: 1/10
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars


AOC I2267FW is the proof that AOC was one of the first to venture into the market of thin bezel monitors. This is monitor that hails from the older series of AOC monitors. The latest series has kept the same essence but greatly improved in terms of specs. Have a look at AOC I2777FQ an example. Despite the latest series, this monitor still manages to rock the market.

I have said many times that AOC is one of the most underrated monitor brand in the market. AOC I2267FW, for example was light years ahead of its competitors in terms of design. It would be appropriate to say now that this is a monitor that had slim bezel before it was cool.

This monitor follows the tradition of boasting a very thin 2 mm bezel at a price tag that is supremely affordable. This is basically an IPS monitor with 22 inch of display. Find out in this AOC I2267FW review how this monitor fares in terms of specifications and features as well as with customers.

In reality, this monitor was the king when it first came out. However, currently there is a huge competition for thin bezel monitors. One of the biggest competition is the HP Pavilion 22cwa. It won’t be easy for this monitor to outshine the HP Pavillion, unless if it reduces the price significantly.


Design and Features

AOC I2267FW review 422 inch monitors are not the most famous monitors for entertainment purposes, they are are still a great viable option for those with a tight budget or for those who do not want to spend much time on their computers. They are also an ideal choice for offices as they save up a lot of much needed desk space.

Also, the fact that most 22 inch monitors like this one offer FHD resolution, they practically have the same real estate to work on as would any average 24 inch monitor. Meaning, the productivity on 22 inch monitor is similar to that of an average 24 inch monitor. The only difference between the two sizes is the level of comfort and the multimedia experience. 24 inch screen has been known to be the most comfortable size for an average desk space and also for eyes. 22 inch monitors are also well regarded in that respect. However, one big distinguishing factor between the two is that the 22 inch monitors are almost always cheaper than their 24 inch counterparts.

Now this is a thin bezel monitor so if you want, you can get two or three of these monitors for a great continuous display. Unfortunately, this monitor does not include VESA mounts. So you will arrange some DIY hooks in order to mount them on separate stands. The stand on this monitor, albeit beautiful, offers nothing in term of ergonomics.

The monitor offers an IPS panel with 5 ms response time. The 5 ms response time would definitely be a hit among gamers as many of the high end IPS panels struggle to offer such a fast response time. However, remember, this is a budget monitor. Therefore, the visual quality of this IPS monitor cannot be compared with the monitors that are thrice as expensive. This monitor does not offer 99& sRGB coverage. It would cover 72% at best. Therefore, it is not suited for professional work such as CAD or graphics designing.

One of the biggest deign flaw that has been reported is that the display of this monitor does not start for about half an inch. This beats the purpose of having a thin bezel on this monitor entirely as the continuity between two monitors would be damaged anyways.


AOC I2267FW review 2AOC I2267FW is as good as any budget monitor when it comes to connectivity options. It only offers the bear minimum, VGA and DVI-D ports. No HDMI or Display Port is given. You can get several adapters out there that can change one port to the other but that will just add a lot of cost. Some of these adapters with good quality are quite expensive.


This monitor is a budget monitor, but still does not do quite so well in this department. This is primarily because this monitor has a huge competition from the likes of HP Pavilion 21.5-Inch, which happens to be the #1 best seller on, and Asus VS228H-P/VS228, which does not have quite the slim bezel, but has great features.

Due to the above mentioned competition, I cannot recommend this monitor. I would recommend you check out the above two mentioned monitors before you settle for this.

The Cons

The biggest drawback of this monitor is that it fails to provide an HDMI port. You will not be able to connect your gaming consoles to this in addition to many other devices. Furthermore, as mentioned earlier, the screen of this monitor starts about half an inch inside the bezel. This is very unfortunate so you basically do have not 21.5″ screen but 21″ screen in reality. The lack of VESA mount is another huge issue. You will have to arrange some DIY stuff to actually be able to mount this monitor on a separate stand.

AOC I2267FW Review Conclusion

AOC I2267FW is a good 22 inch monitor. It has tough competition from the market; however, there are none that look as great as this monitor. For that reason alone this monitor could be the winner.