Anderson Pyrotech Softball Bats

Durability and performance are both combined into the Anderson pyrotech bat. It has some great features that make it a hot selling slow pitch softball bat. Make the ball disappear out of the ground even with most ordinary shot. The Anderson pyrotech bat can turn even any ordinary powered shot into good one.

Hit the ball out of the ground using the Anderson pyrotech softball bat and be a key player in your softball team. Your team mates will love to play with this bat due to its amazing performance and hitting power.

Reliable softball bat

In terms of durability, the Anderson pyrotech bat is made from Diamond Flex X-treme (DFX) alloy can put more power into the shot. Most softball bats are made using aluminum but this revolutionary bat uses the DFX alloy that has more elasticity. Low price softball bats are made using aluminum, these bats does not have much elasticity when compared to the enhanced DFX alloy. The Easton SK4 is made using 7046 alloy.

This also provides much better sweet spot to increase the probability of connecting the ball and performance. The grip of this bat is made using extremely thin pig skin that gives better hold of the bat. The new grip will make the player feel more comfortable.

Ergonomic knob

The Anderson patented weld less ergonomic knob will further enhance players feel when using this bat. Other company bats do not come with this feature. The ergonomic knob is designed by orthopedic surgeons to eliminate hand collisions from ball bat collisions. The ergonomic knob also helps balancing the moment of inertia of the bat.

Use this bat for all major softball leagues. The approved league bodies include: ASA, USSSA, ISF, ISA, and NSA.

Energy Loading System

The Anderson pyrotech bat high performance is attributed to the exclusive Energy Loading System (ELS) will transfer the power directly to the ball. This technology helps even first timer to get most of his skill to be used. Experienced players will benefit from this and they perform consistently. Worth revolver employs the Exterior shell technology to increase performance. If you want softball bat that can give ball speeds up to 100 MPH, then you can opt for the Miken freak plus bat.

Stylish finish

To fit the present fashion world, the Anderson pyrotech softball bat comes with shiny finish and some cool graphics. This bat will glitter due to its finish when playing.

Still want to buy other bat?

The Anderson pyrotech softball bat has many features. Invest on this once and build your softball career. There may be other softball bats available at much less price, but you will surely miss features and performance you get from the Anderson pyrotech bat.