Acer R271 bid Review | 27 inch IPS Display

Acer R271 bid Review

Display: 27″, IPS Panel, 1920×1080, 4 ms Response Time, 60Hz
Notable Features: Frameless Design
Ports:1 x HDMI, 1 x VGA, 1 x DVI
Price Scale: 2/10
Rating: [star rating=”4.0″]


In this Acer R271 bid review we will have a look at one of the slimmest monitors available in the market at a very affordable price tag. At least that is what this monitor claims and is designed for.

How affordable is it really? Well for that you will need to compare this monitor with the rest of the monitors of similar price category in the market. In this article we will have a look at features of this monitor as well as its competition.

In essence, this is one of the gorgeous looking thin bezel monitor that have been surfacing around in the market lately. It does not have that old boring looks that was typical with 27 inch monitors previously.

Acer has really upped their game in the monitor market. They have released several lines of monitor in budget, multimedia as well as high end gaming ranges. While still maintaining a budget price tag, Acer monitors are delivering a lot more as compared to what they did a few years back.


Design and Features

Acer R271 bid review

As mentioned earlier Acer R271 bid can win the hearts of many just by its looks. It has a slim bezel and slimmer still profile. Most of the monitors of this price range featuring an FHD panel usually suffer from a slightly thick profile. This monitor; however, is razor thin.

Whats more, this monitor has a beautiful stand. The stand itself makes a very clear distinction between the quality of this Acer monitor compared to the older ones. Back then, not much attention was paid to the aesthetics of the monitors. Aesthetics was the last thing in mind of the manufacturers in budget monitors. However, that has changed and this monitor is an example of that idea.

The sun dial shaped stand not only looks great, it also occupies very little space. Compared to some of the monitors with large stands, this stand is quite the welcome features. Plus it is hollow from the inside so you can use that space to store your accessories like phone or wallet etc, thus making the desk space more productive and cleaner.

This monitor features an IPS panel. IPS stands for in panel switching. This is not a new technology; however, only recently it has become cheap enough to be available on budget monitors. A few years back IPS technology was still new and available only for professionals due to their price range.

IPS panel technology distinguishes itself from the older TN panel technology with better colors and much wider viewing angles. So you can look at the monitor screen from any angle and the picture will not get distorted.

Acer R271 bid review 3

However, IPS panels suffers from marginally slower response time as well as the infamous IPS glow, which is a form of backlight bleeding. Many people are not really concerned about these issues as they are only a small nuisances.

This monitor has a response tie of 4 ms which is much faster than the average 7 ms that you expect from other IPS panel monitors. A faster response time means reduced ghosting effect. Although there isn’t really a big difference between 4 ms or 7 ms response times, for the hardcore enthusiasts this could matter.

Furthermore, this monitor offers FHD resolution which is quite typical for monitors of this size. In fat, we usually recommend people to get higher than FHD for 27 inch monitors to make the most out of the larger screen. Unfortunately monitors with higher than FHD resolutions are expensive.


This monitor is quite sufficient in this department. It features an HDMI port, a DVI port and a VGA port. For most of the devices, these ports should suffice. You should have no issue connecting with older as well as newer devices.

The only port missing on this monitor is the DisplayPort and for the price this monitors asks, you would expect this port to be there. Unfortunately, it misses out on that.


Let us talk about the value of this monitor in this Acer R271 bid review. Is it worth it? This monitor isn’t a bad monitor. For its price it offers fairly good looks and a decent set of features. This monitor does have a similar model that is priced slightly more due to its speakers: Acer H277H smidx.

However, this monitor has a lot of competition from other brands. One amazing monitor that is priced less, looks good and features a display port is the ViewSonic VX2776-SMHD. You should definitely check it out.

Another great monitor to look into is the AOC i2777fq. This 27 inch monitor is very affordable and has one of the slimmest bezel imaginable on monitors.

Acer R271 bid Review Conclusion

In this Acer R271 bid review we had a look at a monitor that has all the bells and whistles to keep a budget oriented person entertained. Is it the best value monitor in the market? probably not, but it isn’t bad either.

If you like the looks of this monitor, and if you appreciate the faster response time on this IPS panel, then this is the right monitor for you.