Acer H277HU kmipuz Review

Acer H277HU kmipuz Review

Display: 27″, TN Panel, 1920×1080, 1 ms Response Time, 60Hz
Notable Features: USB 3.1 Type C Port, Frameless Design
Ports: 1 x HDMI (v2.0) & 1 x Display Port, USB 3.1
Price Scale: 4.5/10
Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars


We recently reviewed a monitor by Acer that goes by a very similar name, Acer H277H. It even looks the same. However, the difference between the H277H and H277HU is huge to say the least.

Whereas H277H is a decently priced 27 inch monitor with FHD resolution and a good range of features, the Acer H277HU is a beast. This is essentially a high performance monitor that is equipped some of the latest features in the market. It has only recently hit the market too.

Most of the people have praised its compatibility with Macbook 12″ as it is equipped with a USB 3.1 Type-C Port. Acer H277HU kmipuz is one of the few all rounder monitors in the market that not only looks great, but also has awesome performance.

In this Acer H277HU kmipuz review, we will explore this 27 inch monitor further and also compare it with some of the other monitors of this price category.


Design and Features

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For starters, this is a great looking monitor. It has almost no bezel. This is great if you appreciate edge-to-edge displays. It follows the same design profile of the latest generation of Acer monitors; however, it adds a premium touch to it.

It does not have the boring black or the widely abundant silver metallic color scheme. Instead, it offers a metallic golden tint. It has collar shaped stand, which isn’t unique per say, but it greatly complements the overall design of the monitor.

As Acer claims it, due to slimness of the bezel, this monitor is perfect for multiple monitor setups. In fact, with the amount of inputs this monitor has, you should seriously consider such setups. Albeit, this kind of setup will put a dent in your wallet.

This monitor not only looks elegant from the front, but also from the back. It maintains its simplistic look from the back with a full white finish. There are no ugly heat vents so you can be certain that this monitor runs very cool.

The highlights of this monitor include 27 inch IPS widescreen WQHD display. That means this monitor offers 2560 x 1440 resolution. Now we have always recommended that you go for this resolution when choosing a monitor bigger than 24 inch. WQHD resolution is perfect for a 27 inch monitor. The IPS panel just adds to the color fidelity and visual details of this monitor.

This monitor also has one of the fastest response time for an IPS panel: 4 ms. This makes this monitor quite suitable for gaming or for viewing fast paced motion.

Acer H277HU kmipuz also includes 3W stereo speakers. Speakers aren’t a must on monitors, but they are a very welcome feature to have. This is especially true if you want to have a clean work space with no speakers wires running around.


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This is the department where this monitor really stands out. This monitor offers 1 x HDMI, 1 X DisplayPort and 1 x USB 3.1 Type – C port.

The USB 3.1 port is what makes this monitor attractive.

USB 3.1 (aka USB 3.1/gen 2) is the successor to USB 3.0. Identifiable by its bright turquois port, USB 3.1 doubles the transfer speed of 3.0 to a whopping 10 Gbps. –

This port can also carry display signals, which makes it the truly universal port. You can connect compatible Windows or Mac systems with it.


Acer H277HU kmipuz is not a cheap monitor. It costs about a few hundred bucks (at the time of writing this article). If you are just looking for a WQHD monitor, then you can find much cheaper ones. Take Acer K272HUL as an example. Acer K272HUL is a 27 inch monitor that offers DVI, HDMI and a DisplayPort with WQHD resolution and costs above three hundred bucks a bit.

Acer H277HU kmipuz seems to be charging premium for its design and for the USB 3.1 Port. There are very few monitors in the market that actually offer this port. That is one reason why this monitor is so expensive.

If you want to connect your computer via USB 3.1 to your monitor that does not have USB 3.1 Input, then you can get yourself an adapter too. This way you can save money. These adapters can be had for above twenty bucks a bit.

Acer H277HU kmipuz Review Conclusion

Acer H277HU kmipuz is not a cheap monitor. However, the USB 3.1 Type-C port makes it one of the exclusive products in the market. It is one of the reason why those with Macbook 12″ have been flocking to get this monitor.

Other than that, it offers decent features such as WQHD resolution, a fast response time and great design. Whether the price is justifiable depends upon how badly you need that Type C port.