Best Rated 2700 PSI Pressure Washer Reviews

While looking for a Pressure Washer, you need to keep in mind the various usage you have with the equipment.  Depending on the PSI — Pounds per square inch and GPM — Gallons per minute output, you need to select the exact and precise pressure washer.

2700 PSI Pressure Washer is a Medium Duty equipment used for regular jobs like pavement and deck cleaning, siding, sidewalks and other tougher stains.

Top Rated 2700 PSI Pressure Washer 2018

Generac 6596

Generac is well known for the good quality engines, they put at the heart of their devices. The Generac 6596 has engine of 196cc OHV, which is durable and long lasting. Generac is well known for the durability of their products and the simplicity of their operation. This pressure washer is made to meet your all your demands. From cleaning to washing to getting your wall prepared for a paint job, this pressure washer will fulfill all your needs.

Key features:

  • 196cc OHV engine gives the maximum level of cleaning with reliability.
  • The handle grip and the ergonomic sprayer help to spray water over the object or the surfaces easily.
  • Axial cam pump with accessible connectors help to access the hose pipes easily.
  • Interspersed 3/4 gallon tank give consigned storage for detergents.
  • The spray gun is connected with 25 foot PVC hose to spray water.
  • The washer has 4 quick click nozzles of 0°, 25°, 40° and a soap applicator.

Pressure Pro E3027HC

Pressure Pro E3027HC is a good product for washing your vehicles, cleaning and removing stains. It comes with a sturdy aluminum frame with dual handles. This pressure washer is equipped to release up to 3 gallons per minute. There is a 50 micron mesh inlet filter which protects engine from any type of dirt or grime. It also has a unique feature. You can adjust the pressure load and there is an indicator to show low oil content. The tires are good for shock absorbing and the engine has a thermo sensor to avoid overheating.

Key features:

  • The 6.5 Horsepower Honda GX200 engine is very powerful and easy to get started.
  • Triplex plunger pump of CAT brand helps to run cooler.
  • The professional insulated gun is of great quality.
  • The pressure washer comes with 5 quick click nozzles and has a steel high pressure hose of 50 feet.
  • The thermo sensor present in the engine helps to avoid overheating of the engine.
  • CARB manageable.

Powerstroke PS80947

The Powerstroke 2700 is a gas powered pressure washer with Subaru engine. If you want your decks and lawns to look spotless, it is the best thing to have. It is designed for the people who want to keep their walls and gardens in prime condition.

This product has a pro-styled spray nozzles of 0°, 25°, 40° and a soap applicator. It has a 25 feet high pressure hose which is quite helpful if you want to reach inaccessible places around your house.  The 3-pistol aluminum pump is safe and will remain corrosion free even after long years of heavy use.  The large 12” cap wheels are quite good for the rough surfaces and the roll cage hand truck frame gives easy flexibility.

Key features:

  • This pressure washer has 189cc OHC Subaru EA 190 volt engine.
  • Its pro-style angled gas pressure washer and soap spray nozzles are versatile in nature.
  • Its 25 foot non-marring high pressure hose will help you to reach anywhere around your house.
  • Its 3-pistol aluminium pump is reliable and gives a corrosion free best performance.
  • The large 12” cap wheels are suitable in rough surfaces.

Powerstroke PS80950

The 2700 PSI Gas Pressure Washer from Powerstroke is a commercial grade power tool which can also be used for cleaning your house inside out. The Subaru engine of 175cc OHC is suitable for the people who want to keep their outdoor clean all through the year.

This pressure washer comes with a 25 foot non-marring high pressure hose which gives you the opportunity to move around with it while cleaning an area. This product is suitable for cleaning the patio, garden and lawn, but you can also use it to clean rooftops, basements and other far out areas of your home.

Key features:

  • It has Subaru engine of 175cc OHC chain drive.
  • This product have 4 pro-style nozzle tips of 0°,25°, 40° and soap applicator.
  • The hose pipe is 25 foot long enabling you to move around with it.
  • It has 12” tread cap tires which are excellent for rough surfaces.
  • The 1 gallon detergent tank allows you to mix the detergent with water in the tank.
  • It is PWMA certified.

Pressure Pro E3027HG

The Pressure Pro E3027HG Heavy Duty Professional 2700 PSI 3.0 GPM Gas Powered pressure washer is one of the best products to wash out stripping paints before a fresh coat. You can also clean your cars or some stains off a surface. This washer pressure has an aluminum frame with dual handles of aircraft quality. The Honda GX200 engine is excellent to work with.

Key features:

  • The pressure washer can release 3 gallons of water per minute.
  • The 50 mesh inlet filter allows the pressure washer to prevent it from getting any kind of dirt.
  • The thermo sensor present in the engine helps to keep the engine cooler.
  • The pneumatic tires come with dual padded shock absorbing feet.
  • It has a steel axle of 3/4 inch.
  • The 50 foot hose pipe gives you the chance to clean the dirt with more convenient way.

Duromax XP2700PWS

Get all the dirt and muck away with the help of the Duromax XP2700PWS 5 HP pressure washer with Gas engine. This pressure washer delivers water jet of 2.3 gallons per minute, which is more than sufficient to tackle any job.

Key features:

  • It has a strong Duromax 5 HP engine which also has a low oil shutdown feature.
  • 5quick connect nozzles of 0°, 25°, 40° and the soap applicator allows changing the hose connector quickly.
  • It has a strong spray gun, nozzles and high pressure hose pipe for cleaning.
  • It releases 2.3 gallons per minute.
  • It has axial cam aluminum pump with 3-piston.
  • The engine is protected by welded frame as well as the pump with great durability.


There are numerous brands associated with 2700 PSI Pressure Washer, providing the complete satisfaction to their customers. To select the best one, just be sure to know your own requirement and check the absolute reviews provided by the previous users, which will help you to get an insight on the product and its features