Best 2500 PSI Pressure Washer for Homeowner

2500 PSI Pressure Washer is ideal for cleaning everything, helps in the cleaning procedure of your house. From the interior of your furniture’s to the minute areas of your house deck each and every minute corner is cleaned up by the 2500PSI pressure washers.

Selecting a 2500 PSI Pressure Washer, just depends on your usage that you look forward to. These 2500 PSI Washers are Medium-duty equipment that helps in various residential tasks like removing grime or grease from concrete, decks, sidewalks and siding. So these 2500 PSI Pressure Washer perform reasonable strength residential jobs and are widely sold as either gas or electric pressure washers.

BEST 2500 PSI Pressure Washer 2018

Keeping in mind about the value of usability, various companies have emerged with the equipment and its extraordinary features. They are durable and are highly tenacious. These machines give you a commendable cleaning and redeem your precious time. Services by all the companies are extremely worthy and you will be answered in no time by the company officials if you need any kind of clarification. Let us discuss the few reputed pressure washers.

Generac 6595

Generac 6595 gas pressure washer is backed by Generac OHV a powerful 196cc engine. These power washers from Generac are vigilantly engineered for endurance, easy maneuverability and extended life.

The well calculated features of this product makes it a unique one among its competitive models. Durability is defined by the welded frame incorporated with gun holster. This equipment reduces user fatigue with the feature of its easy to pull trigger and the heat distribution is at the max by high-performance axial cam pump…

Key features

  • With its forceful 196CC Generac OHV cylinder the equipment gives you clearing accuracy and full satisfaction.
  • 3 Nozzel Tips with Quick-Click mechanism and 25 feet hose.
  • Centroid cam pump with easily accessible hose networks. This helps you to accomplish your task without having to bend much.
  • Enlarged but not oblate tires. This feature helps you to carry your pressure washer to any direction.
  • See full specs here…

All-Power APW5120

All-Power APW5120 is mechanized with the help of gas. This is a great instrument for cleaning your wood decks, transport, RV, concrete, boat, brick, BBQ grills and many more. This pressure washer is mostly used in industrial and commercial areas. It will be very heavy for domestic sectors. The machine has various modes that you can use in various cases. The services of the company are entirely trust worthy.

All-Power APW5120 features

  • The machine provides you with a standing pressure flow of 2.5GPM. It has the power to distribute 320 liters per hour. The water pressure is entirely based on gas.
  • The body of the baton is made of stainless steel.
  • Four easy networking sprinkler faucet.
  • Perpendicular cylinder motor.
  • The tires are of 10” and they are gaseous.
  • All-Power APW5120 pressure washer is mechanized by 163cc OHV four stroke motor.
  • See full specs here…

All-Power APW5120 Specs

  • The shipping weight in pounds is 78.0.
  • This particular product has been amassed in USA or it can also be bought in from some other country.
  • Some parts of the All-Power APW5120 pressure washer has been manufactured in USA or sometimes it has been imported to USA from any other country.

Maxus MX5222

Maxus MX5222 gas pressure washer is ideal for domestic purpose. Both inside and outside of your precious home is cleaned. The tires being atmospheric it becomes easier for users to regularly use it as it is very easy to move around with. It comes with a 5 year warranty.

Maxus MX5222 features

  • It comes with a Honda GCV160 cylinder which helps you to accomplish any domestic work without any hassle.
  • The machine comes with a diagonal and angular siphon that helps you to achieve your desired work.
  • With a 2500 PSI the equipment helps you to accomplish any kind of household work which are not too heavy.
  • 4 GPM gallons per minute.
  • The hose is 25 ft. so that you can reach out to areas which are far away so as to clean the dirty areas.
  • The machine has a thermal relief valve so that it has a longer stay with you.
  • The tires are atmospheric and well ventilated so that it becomes easier for each and every user to carry it to areas even if the area is sloppy.
  • See full specs here…


  • It weighs 66 lbs.
  • It has got a siphon tube.
  • The water used in it should be cold.


There are variety of ways in which you can purchase these 2500 psi pressure washers. They are manufactured by different companies. You can purchase them online when you don’t have a shop of a particular company from whom you choose to buy from. In fact online shopping will cost you far less than by purchasing the pressure washers from any shop. You can buy by temperature, style, GPM or brand. You need to choose according to your needs.

If you need it for your household works then the pressure washer shall be of different quality and if it is for any commercial or industrial sectors then it has to be very forceful with its water flow indeed.