Choosing 2000 PSI Pressure Washer for home use

2000 PSI Pressure Washer is a Light-duty equipment used for small and regular house hold work. It can be used as an all purpose cleaning like motorcycles, automobiles, bicycles, boats, light mold, grills, patio furniture, shutters and others.

There are many different models from companies producing such high performance 2000 PSI pressure washer and few are discussed below.

Best 2000 PSI Pressure Washer on the Market

Sun Joe SPX3000

Sun Joe SPX3000 is manufactured according to stringent safety measures and can be used to remove any stains from anywhere at your place.

The different array of cleaning tasks can be performed by this versatile Sun Joe SPX3000 with its power and high on performance. With a power motor of 14.5-amp and 1800-Watt this machine produce 2030 PSI of pressure through water flow of 1.76 GPM for maximizing the cleaning efforts.

Key features of Sun Joe SPX3000 are:

  • You can select detergent by rotating the dial.
  • The 14.5 AMP engine gives you a wattage of 1800 watts.
  • The size of the machine is 15.6 inch in length X 33.9 inch height X 13.5 inch breath.
  • The tap is 20 feet and the power cord is 35 feet.

AR Blue Clean AR390SS

AR Blue Clean AR390SS is probably the strongest domestic washer in the market and built keeping quality in mind. It makes cleaning simple and effortless. You will accomplish the job within an hour no matter how much muck is stuck under your SUV.

Key features of AR Blue Clean AR390SS are:

  • The weight of the machine is 33.56 pounds which helps you to carry the machine around that helps in your cleaning service and make your job easier.
  • It helps you save water and the water pressure is very intense and forceful. This is needed when you are up to some heavy work.
  • It has a place within its machinery so that you keep your accessories.

AR Blue Clean AR383

AR Blue Clean AR383 is specially designed to clean your garden and lawn. It ejects a fine jet of water that is not too strong, but good enough for dirt smudges. This machinery will effectively clean your garden of all the dog poop and make it look fresh.

Key features of AR Blue Clean AR383 are:

  • It is mainly used for residential purposes.
  • It is a 2 wheeler and running on electricity
  • It has a GPM of 1.5 and 1900 PSI
  • The power cord is 34 feet.
  • Weight about 27 pounds. Dimensions 11.2X12.2X28.5.
  • These machines are never allowed to use hot water or not even lukewarm water. The always use cold water.

Karcher K 5.540

Karcher K 5.540 has a sleek design and does not look out of place when you tuck it the corner of the living room. It can actually be a conversation piece. It is best used indoors to clean roofs and concrete floors. Can come in very handy during the monsoon.

Karcher K 5.540 features:

  • The weight of the machine is slight less than 31 lbs. without having any accessories on it.
  • It comes in bright and sturdy yellow with black in some parts.
  • The tires are airy so that it can be carried to different parts of the cleaning area.
  • The machine has a 13 AMP electrical motor.
  • It has a storage area which dispenses detergents which are used.


This machine is appropriate for people who need a pressure washer suitable for heavy cleaning. The force of the water hits like a brick and can clean dirt’s and greases off any surface specially the driveway.

Key features of THE FORCE 2000:

  • The machine has a PSI of 1800 to 2000 on an average.
  • The water pressure is about 1.6 gallons per minute.
  • The machines cables are very well administered. You won’t find that easily in any other pressure washers.
  • The area for keeping the machine accessories are very much handy and are easy to store valuable machine accessories.
  • You can switch on and off the machines by your feet.

Green Works GW1950

The USP of Green Works GW1950 pressure washer is its easy affordability. It is also very simple to operate. The machine can be used by any one and does not have any complex switches or buttons. It’s easy to carry the machine and get your dirty domestic areas cleaned up. It can clean your parking lot, BBQ grills and even the land mowers. Who can ask more than that?

Key features of Green Works GW1950 are:

  • It has a very portable design and can be easily carried out to various places as its tires are airy.
  • The motor is about 13 AMP.
  • It has a 25 feet water tap


From the above reviews it must be clear to you the pressure washer you should purchase and which one you should avoid. Whether you want it to clean your commercial area or for residential purposes, you can get any one of these pressure washers.